Safety matters more than the result
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About the company

"Donstroytest" Ltd. was set up in 2004. The main purpose for setting up the company was to create a centre for testing of building structures for fire, operational, ecological and other safety - Regional centre for safety testing of building materials and structures in South-Eastern Ukraine.

The need for establishing a testing center of this type was dictated, first of all, by increased requirements for fire safety of construction facilities of industrial and civil use. This resulted in a significant increase in the range of building materials, structures, products, fire-protective products and led to expanding of the test base whose potential has always been limited in Ukraine.

Currently the specialists at our centre have a record of being scrupulous workers when carrying out tests on building and ship structures, when determining fire-protective efficiency of flame-retardant coatings and veneers, professional consultants in the field of designing, testing and application of fire protection means; they provide actual hands-on assistance to the manufacturers of building products and materials, to the manufacturers of fire protection products. The specialists at our testing centre are members of the Technical Committee of Standardization TC 315 “Systems of Technogenic and Fire Safety of Buildings and Structures" at the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Communal Living of Ukraine, members of the committee on fire protection of steel structures of the Association "Ukrainian Steel Construction Centre”.

Donstroytest Ltd. Regional Testing Centre is technically competent to carry out certification fire tests of products and materials in accordance with 2010 FTP Code under the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

Being a third-party testing laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) to meet the requirements of DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006 (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) Donstroytest Ltd. Regional Testing Centre carries out certification, qualification, classification, periodic, control, type tests as well as other kinds of testing of building structures, products and materials according to standardized procedures.

The status of accredited testing centre gives confidence in the competence, reliability and validity of assessment of product quality and ensures its competitiveness in the market.

We are always open for cooperation with the representatives of construction and shipbuilding design organizations that are interested in reliability of their technical solutions, with the manufacturers of building and shipboard products and materials, with the customers who care about the safety of their property, with the representatives of expert organizations, regulatory and inspection authorities for joint problem solving in the field of fire safety.